Softsheen Carson: That's My Curl

Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Haircare aimed to be the #1 choice for both established Naturalistas and African American women who were transitioning from using relaxers to having natural hair. To support this mission, the Brand launched a “That’s My Curl” campaign surrounding the following message: Au Naturale products help consumers achieve the looks they want that are specific to each curl type. 

TAG created a YouTube web series dubbed “That’s My Curl” as part of this overall campaign. Each episode featured a popular topic within the natural hair community, from “What Not to Say to a Natural Girl” to hilarious thoughts on how Naturalistas deal with the trials and tribulations of  “Shrinkage Day,” “Wash Day” and “Dating Dos and Don’ts.” The on-camera responses are authentic, relatable and empowering—and, importantly, their situational comedy was on point. The series was a smashing success, with the first episode garnering more than 1M views on YouTube.