Carol's Daughter: Love Is The First Ingredient

Carol’s Daughter has been a cult favorite with African American consumers since its founder, Lisa Price, started the business 18 years ago out of her kitchen in Brooklyn. TAG’s assignment was to create a national TV commercial —t he brand’s first — that reflected a new strategy of expanding beyond its core demographic. The first ingredient, Lisa says, has always been “love.” Using this as inspiration, Tag built its overall creative upon the tagline “Born in Brooklyn. Made With Love.” 

The agency's first goal: to create visual branding that focuses the product story through a new beauty lens. Borrowing from the food world, each formula's natural ingredients are styled as still life "recipes"— complete with handwritten chalkboard notes to further reflect their artisanal quality and story. Our film is set in a visually textured environment designed to feature Lisa in her element — creating her "recipes" in a kitchen, surrounded by handpicked ingredients, all made with love. Tag also created :10 and :06 spots for Facebook, Instagram and other Social channels.